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On a warm Sunday afternoon in May 1996, an enthusiastic crowd gathered to dedicate the Shattuck Windmill Museum & Park. The early windmillers from the surrounding counties or members of their families were the honored guests of the day. Politicians, pioneers, potluck and hamburgers in a big yellow and white tent, the sound of windmills...what a place to be! One by one windmills had been restored and raised, the half-dugout completed and the story-and-a-half farmhouse moved to the Park to show how early settlers lived on the high plains. The grand entrance is made of Oklahoma red granite in the shape of a Halladay Standard and the famous Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse. On each side are walls of brick with names of family pioneers and the date that each arrived in this area. It couldn't have been done without the amazing enthusiasm of our volunteers, the community and the freely given input from windmillers around the country. Not to mention those who simply drove up and unloaded an old windmill or two in the pasture for us to sell or restore.

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Shattuck Windmill Museum is right at the junction of Hwy. 283 and State Hwy 15.

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