Museum of the Western Prairie

Altus, OK

Where are we going?

Museum of the Western Prairie
1100 Memorial Drive
OK 73521


What is there to do?

How about a history lesson that begins 300 million years ago? Well, at the Museum of the Western Prairie, you can learn all about the fascinating story of southwest Oklahoma, from as far back as 300 million years ago when the Wichita Mountains were formed!

Did you know that the Wichita Mountains once towered above the landscape, and then were actually ISLANDS in an ancient sea - how amazing is that?

Today, they are those modest hills we know so well as being connected to the states history, and the start of your historic journey through millions of years of Panhandle history!

Kids can learn all about the Ice Age, and how that resulted in the extinction of wildlife such as the mammoth and the mastodon. 

There are exhibits on ancient forms of bison, and explore the archeological evidence that reveal humans hunted these created at least 11,000 years ago!

Learn about the Paleo-Indians who were present around 7,000 years ago, and how these hunters and gatherers survived on foot, and how permanent settlements and farming were established.

From the European settlements and what they brought to the land, to how these same settlements transformed the lives of those who had lived on the land long before.

The Museum of the Western Prairie touches on the Civil War, the Transcontinental Railroad and the advancements of technology - even now it's amazing how much history there is within the state, and you haven't even arrived at the museum yet!

A fascinatingly historic exploration at the Museum of Western Prairie for the whole family!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $4

Children: $1 (Ages 6 to 18)

Discount: $3 for military & seniors


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to ask about the accessibility of the museum


When can we go?

10am - 5pm Tuesday to Saturday

Closed Sundays & Mondays


Any top tips?

Check out the events that they hold because you might want to put some of them in your diaries!

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