Wright Park Zoo

Dodge City, KS

Where are we going?

Wright Park Zoo
N 2nd Ave
Dodge City
KS 67801

620 225-8163

What is there to do?

Some zoos are HUGE, and some zoos are charming, and just the right size for those smaller animal encounters - and that is exactly what Wright Park Zoo is, and we love it!

Wright Park Zoo is the perfect place for those families who just want a relaxing, laid back day out. What started at just two black bear cubs now has turned into over 120 birds and mammals just waiting to be discovered!

At Dodge City Zoo, found in Wright Park, kids can come face to face with those mysterious and beautiful Siberian tigers, and really understand why conservation is so important. 

They can see icons of the USA with the longhorn cattle and the black bears, and even see giant buffalo in person!

Don't miss those cute and unusual emus, and say hi to their cougar, too! Those playful monkeys at Wright Park Zoo are always fun, as you can sit and relax as you are entertained as they play in front of you.

A charming animal filled day out in Wichita, where you can just go at your own pace, and enjoy what beautiful wildlife the world has to offer - and you don't have to leave the city to explore them!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free!

Children: Free!


Need a little extra help?

The paths are accessible!


When can we go?

9am - 5pm Mon - Sat / 1pm - 5pm Sun

Year round


Any top tips?

Allow about 45 minutes to see all of the animals

Healthy Eating

It's a good idea to take snacks and drinks for the kids!

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