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Wonderland Park

Amarillo, TX

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Address: 2601 Dumas Dr, Amarillo, TX 79107, USA Number: 800 383 4712 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Wonderland Park is that classic, good old fashioned American amusement park that has something for the whole family. That's why we love it!

First, those thrill seekers (we know who you are!). Do you want to take on rides called names like Texas Tornado, Cyclone, Hornet or the dreaded Texas Intimidator? Yes? You are brave!

How about if we told you that there was a ride called Drop of Fear, where you drop from a 200ft tower? Still keen?

If thrill rides on land aren't quite for you, you might choose you want to cool off instead! There are a number of water rides, which are perfect for those thrill seekers. The Pipeline Plunge will take you on an enclosed journey of fast paced fun right into the pool below. The Thunder Jet Racers are two lanes of raft racing fun, and then there is that special rides that takes you on a 12 passenger boat, and drops you 40ft!

Certain to make a splash!

But kids, don't worry if you're slightly smaller and those rides sound too scary for you. There are a host of fun for all rides and kiddie rides that you can enjoy, from fun pirate ships, to swings, classic bumper cars, ferris wheels and frog hoppers. Those little thrillers can have kiddie sized fun!

Wonderland Park wants to make your experience as fun as possible, which is why they have a fun mini golf course just to add something extra to your day! The perfect way to get that extra time in together as a family (and there's nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition either!)

Thrills, spills, kiddie fun and entertainment galore at this Texas family amusement park!

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$16.95 to $39.95



$13.95 to $24.95



Spectator Passes available.


Free Under

2 years if they don't ride


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Additional Information

The WOW pass for summer is a must for everyone over 36" and up to 21 years old. The Ultimate WOW pass includes ALL of the rides and mini golf.

Any top tips?


You can have your birthday party at the park! They love having those celebrating kids and their friends who just want to have a great time!

I'm Hungry!


They have snacking kiosks available to fill those rumbling tummies

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Book at least 24 hours in advance for groups of 15 or more. Great for the end of year, celebrations or just science class!

Need a little extra help?


There is a Guest Relations booth that you can talk to about which rides will be accessible to you. Restrooms are accessible too, as is parking. Service animals allowed.

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Baby Facilities

They have a limited number of strollers for rent on a first come basis.

When can we go?

Hours vary on the day and month

April to September.

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