Dorothys House and Land of Oz

Liberal, KS

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Address: 567 E Cedar St, Liberal, KS 67901, USA Number: 620 624 7624 Website Contact How do we get there?

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I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!  Oh wait....we are!  Dorothy's House & Land Of Oz is a charming family day out for all those fans of the magically classic 1939 movie.

Built in 1907. this sweet little house has been resorted and furnished so it carefully replicates the farmhouse within the movie where Dorothy realizes "There's no place like home!"

Journey with Dorothy as she walks you through the farmhouse, talking you through her fascinating stories, before you all start your adventure on the yellow brick road.

Here, you enter 5,000 square feet of the wonderful "Land Of Oz" - you're off to see a wizard!

You will meet up with all of Dorothy's friends, including the mischievous munchkins, the cowardly lion, the soon to be heart filled Tin Man, and the now super smart Scarecrow!

Watch out!  The Wicked Witch!  Don't be fooled when she tries to guide you through the apple trees, or introduces you to her evil flying monkeys!  

You might even be tricked with the horse of a different color!  At first it's a red horse...oh wait, now it's blue!

End your magical journey with a visit with the great and powerful Oz, before returning safely to the Kansas farm, just like Dorothy did!

There is also unique memorabilia on display, including the ACTUAL model of the home that was used for the tornado scene way back in 1939!

So go on...what would you wish for? 

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Make sure you take your camera because you won't want to forget this experience!

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Where is it at?


There's no place like 567 East Cedar St...there's no place like 567 East Cedar Liberal, Kansas that is!

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If you can get back safely to the farmhouse, you can choose from fun buttons, pencils, and other gifts that are movie related!

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Memorial Day to Labor Day: Mon - Sat 9am - 6pm / Sunday 1pm - 5pm. All other times Tues - Sat 9am -

Closed Mondays Labor Day to Memorial Day.

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