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Well, it looks like we've found the most gunslinging museum in all of the Old West! Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City has over an incredible 60,000 objects, documents and photos that will take the family back in time to when the Old West filled the streets.

Most of the items actually date from the early days in Dodge City - right back to the 1870s! What do you think Dodge City would have been like way back when? Fun to live in?

The items range up until about the 1920s, and actually belonged to the original residents of Dodge City, so you can really feel the stories of the people through every item. What would the people have been like who owned these objects? 

There are some fascinating exhibits within Boot Hill Museum! Did you know that the museum was actually built on the original location of that infamous Boot Hill Cemetery? Turns out, from 1872 through to 1878, the city didn't have a cemetery of it's own, and it became known as Boot Hill because it was popular to be buried with their boots on! 

There is still a large corner that has been left undisturbed where you can walk among the markers that still exist, which tell the stories of those that were buried on the hill. 

You can experience a replica of an 1875 church where 100 people used to worship every weekend, and of course an entire exhibit on the Guns That Won The West! 

We know from the movies that saloons were an iconic part of the old west, so as soon as you walk through the doors of the Long Branch Saloon, you will step right back into the past! The bar is still authentic from 1881, and even carvings over 100 years old too! 

From the American Buffalo to the Nomadic Indians, even fashion, the exhibits cover an incredible selection of a time in history that still captivates.

Shine those boots, get those spurs on it's Boot Hill Museum! 

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$8 (Ages 5 - 10)



Combo tickets available


Free Under

4 years old


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Any top tips?


The museum often hold events, so check dates and stick them in your diary so you don't miss out!

I'm Hungry!


They do offer Country-Style dinners which you can buy a combo ticket for along with the museum. Kids dinners available too, with beef brisket, taters, corn, biscuits and iced tea. Yum!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Of course there are tours! It's an amazing education for the kids. Students are $4 each and get a tour and lunch. Dodge City schools get in free!

Can I get one of those?


You betcha there is a gift shop! With 2,000 sq feet you better start saving those pennies now! From books, post cards to shirts - there is plenty to pick from!

Need a little extra help?


Give the museum a call if you have mobility difficulties and see what they can do for you.

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When can we go?


Summer hours: Daily 8am - 8pm. Off-season: 9am - 5pm 6 days. 1pm - 5pm Sundays

All year round. Summer hours Memorial Day to Labor Day. Closed New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Chris

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