Pole Position Raceway

Oklahoma City, OK

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Address: 2905 NW 36th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, USA Number: 405 942 2292 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Kids...are you ready? Are you set? Then GO! Vroom Vroom.. that's the sound of your engines making their way around the slick track at Pole Position Raceway in Oklahoma City!

If you have ever dreamed of being that racing car champion, now is your chance to feel what it's like to have those hands on the wheels and the wind on your face as you make your way around the twists and turns - and it's all indoors, so no matter what the weather, you can get driving.

How much fun does that sound!

Pole Position Raceway is a great way for those active kids to have fun with the family, and to enjoy that little bit of friendly competition too!

No matter if you're a beginner, or well on your way to being that champion, it's the perfect sport. There are karts for adults that can get up to 45mph, which you need a driving licence for.

For those in the family yet to reach that milestone, there are Youth Karts where you don't need a licence and you can get up to 35mph, and for those little ones just starting out they can try the Junior Karts that go a solid 25mph.

Either way, there will be challenges that you have to overcome, and track turns and twists to navigate!

So kids, are you ready to take on the karting world, and unleash that inner champion that we know you have in you? Great - so let's DRIVE!

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$9.95 - $13.95


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Kids have to be over 6 years old, and taller than 48"

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There is a cafe where you can pick up snacks and drinks

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Teachers corner


They love having groups! Why not give them a call to arrange a school trip - perhaps an end of year celebration?!

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Give them a call about any disabilities you might have and need to enquire about

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11am open. Closing: 9pm Mon - Thurs / midnight on Fridays / 11pm Sat and 7pm Sun

Year round

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