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Have you ever seen a swarm of bats fly across the sky? It's quite an experience! Good thing Bat Watch is here to let you enjoy the natural marvel with your very own eyes! As the sun sets, they leave their caves and scramble across the sky to dine on about 10 tons of insects (All that hanging upside make them hungry!)

Did you know that a long time ago, before the pioneers settled across the American prairies, these Mexican free-tailed bats used the Selman Bat Cave as their home. Now, the descendants of these bats STILL make that journey to the Selman Bat Cave, and come out to play at night!

Much of the area still looks as it did over a century ago, which is amazing, so you can feel like you're back in time!

Bat Watch happens within Oklahoma's Alabastar Caverns Park. When you arrive, you get to take the very fun school bus to the management area. Once in the rolling prairies which are beautiful, you will settle in, and then as the sky turns to twilight, millions of bats will fly across your head! They actually travel 1400 miles each year every spring so they can give birth and raise their young in the beautiful state of Oklahoma.

You can also take the optional (and yes kids - it's short!) 1/4 nature walk which is led by trained volunteers and biologists. It's a great way to learn about the area, and what you will experience! 

You aren't allowed to tour the actual caves because they want to protect the bats, but it's an amazing experience! 

Bat Watch is ready to give you an unforgettable experience! 

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How much does it cost?



$12 (Over 13)



$6 (8 to 12 years)


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Any top tips?


Dress for the outdoors, as well as for the heat. Make sure you have sturdy shoes!

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It helps to bring a snack and a drink so you don't get hungry during your experience!

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They provide drinking water

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The nature trail is level, but not paved

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When can we go?



The 4 weekends after 4th July

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