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Things to do in Tulsa, OK with kids

Yes, summer in Tulsa can be hot, but don’t let that keep you hidden in the house with the air conditioning on!

Officially formed in 1898, this Oklahoma favorite has a ton of things to do with kids that can make you forget all about that searing heat!  It’s an incredible city!

First, may we introduce you to Big Splash Water Park - Your golden ticket for summer and your secret weapon. (You’re welcome!)

Kids can also enjoy a host of indoor activities, such as the fascinating Tulsa Air and Space Museum, the combat adventures of Laser Quest, or the Oklahoma Aquarium (which has the largest bull sharks in captivity in the world - true fact!)

Nature and wildlife are abundant in this glistening metropolis, with attractions like Oxley Nature Center, Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum are great places for kids to encounter the flora and fauna in the area (with lots of shady spots to boot!)

Tulsa is a blend of cosmopolitan delights with Southern hospitality. It has rich culture, and a love of the arts.

It’s also a place that where kids can spend an entire day with more fun and fascinating activities than they will know what to do with - and we LOVE that!

Tulsa Attractions Map

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