Longhorn Cavern State Park

Marble Falls, TX

Where are we going?

Longhorn Cavern State Park
6211 Park Rd 4 S
Marble Falls
TX 78654


What is there to do?

Adventure can be just as fun UNDERGROUND as it is over ground, so why not explore Longhorn Caverns State Park for your next family day out - there is a lot to see AND learn! 

Of course, the caverns are located within Longhorn Cavern State Park, so there are some above ground adventures for those who want to check it out. There is an historic building that you can explore, a hiking trail, exhibit centre, and picnic areas. All those on their own would make for a great day out together.

However, it's the Longhorn Caverns that are a real feat of nature! These amazing Texas wonders were created over thousands and thousands of years, by the slow process of water eroding away the limestone bedrock.

The caves are SO old, that even fossil remains of many Ice Age animals have been found, that once called the caves home.

There is even evidence that the Longhorn Caverns were once used by the Comanche Indians, about 400 years prior to anyone else using the caves!

In later years, the caves were in fact used as a Confederate stronghold, where gunpowder was manufactured. What an amazing history!

The best way to explore these caves are through the unique tours that are offered. The Daily Tour is the most popular one, and last around 85 minutes.  The guides can tell you all about the amazing history, and formations, and are there to answer all questions

In addition to this great tour, there are a number of other tours that you can try if you are feeling a little more adventurous!

The Wild Cave Tour lets you crawl, climb and squeeze your way around the caves, and the Geology Tour is by appointment only where the on site geologist can tell you all about the earth and what makes up the caverns.

If you want something a little more special, try out the Paranormal Tour! BOO!

Longhorn Cavern is one of the few river-formed caverns in Texas, so is very special - so why not explore it!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $16 daily tour

Children: $12 - $15 daily tour

Discount: Seniors

Free Under: 2 years


Need a little extra help?

Above ground is wheelchair accessible. There are 52 steps you have to navigate underground, and then it's fairly level terrain


When can we go?

10am - 4pm summer. Hours change across winter

All year round, but closed Christmas Eve and Day


Any top tips?

Make sure you wear comfortable rubber soled shoes. You can't bring flashlights, flavored drinks, food, video cameras or tripods into the cavern

I’m Hungry!

There is a grill at Longhorn Cavern with an extensive menu. There is also a snack bar.

Healthy Eating

You can choose a ticket to include lunch for children, and there is also a picnic area in the state park to bring your own

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