The Exotic Resort Zoo

Johnson City, TX

Where are we going?

The Exotic Resort Zoo
235 Zoo Trail
Johnson City
TX 78636

830 868 4357

What is there to do?

Get ready to have a WILD time at the Exotic Resort Zoo in Texas! The zoo is an amazing preserve, that actually houses and looks after several endangered species of animals. They do this to try and increase the numbers of the population, and to also provide an area where kids and families can encounter these amazing creatures. Pretty amazing!

The zoo is located on 137 amazing wooded acres, complete with several small lakes and creeks for the animals to enjoy. The animals come from all around the world, and even breed (so you might see babies!)

What's also great for kids at the Exotic Resort Zoo, is that they can not only learn about the animals, get up close to the animals, but they can TOUCH the animals - it's a fully interactive experience!

Did you know that more than half of the animals that are found in the park were (at one time or another) listed on the endangered species list? Kids - that means that there aren't many left in the wild and are on the verge of being extinct. It's a very sad situation!

What's great, however, about places like the Exotic Resort Zoo, is that they allow the numbers to build, so these animals will be around for many more generations. 

The zoo have daily safari tours, which are guided, which take you on a journey of over 500 animals. The whole family will be able to relax and hear all about the interesting facts of each animal. After the tour, you can head on over to the two petting zoos to be around all the playful animals. Super sweet! 

Get those cameras ready - the animals are ready for their close up! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $14.95 (not including feed)

Children: $12.95 (ages 2 - 12 - not including feed)

Discount: Seniors $12.95 (not including feed)

Free Under: 2 years


Need a little extra help?

If you need assistance, just give them a call before you head out and check how they can help you so they are prepared.


When can we go?

Tours available 9am - 6pm. Last tour is at 5pm.

7 days a week


Any top tips?

Celebrating with the animals is a great way to have a birthday party! Animals from all around the world will be there as your child and their friends enjoy a fun picnic and get up close to these amazing creatures.

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