Playland Skate Center

Austin, TX

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Address: 8822 McCann Dr, Austin, TX 78757, USA Number: 512-452-1901 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Skating is such a fun pastime! It's also a classic pastime - we bet your parents used to visit their local rollerskating rinks when they were your age! (Maybe you should ask to hear some stories!)

Playland Skate Center is good old fashioned skating fun, just with a few awesome modern elements to it.  Skate with your family and friends to an impressive light show, an eerie and atmospheric fog machine,  and a super cool state of the art sound system that will play a wide variety of music that the whole family will love.

Through the school holidays, spring break and Christmas break kids can stay active with their special daytime sessions perfect for those kids who just can't get enough of it! Make sure you reserve your spot!

If you find that you just love skating, and want to improve your skills a bit more, you can join their public skate lessons on Sundays (no need to reserve!).  For all ages, boy and girls, you will learn the basics of stopping, starting, skating, rolling, and turning. If you are more advanced you can give going backwards a go!

They like to remind you - if you can walk, you can skate. And it's true! Anyone can learn to skate, and anyone can be good at it! 

They hold speed skating classes every Friday night from 6pm - 7pm, perfect for beginners. If it's your first class - it's FREE! So no excuse, give it a try if you have been thinking about it!

If you want to skate more for fitness, they have Sk8 4 Fitness classes every Friday morning where you will skate, sweat and move!

Let's not forget the events they hold across the year, so keep and eye out for their fun festive sessions! 

Quick - get your skates on!

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How much does it cost?



Free for non-skating parents, otherwise $6 - $8 inclues rental (roller blades are $3 extra)



$6 - $8 inclues rental (roller blades are $3 extra)


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There is no limit on how long you can skate for within your session!

Any top tips?


Roller blades rental are an extra $3, and quad speed skates are an extra $4. You can bring your own skates! (But price doesn't change)

I'm Hungry!


You can't bring any outside food in, unfortunately.

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Where is it at?


Skate on over to 8822 McCann Drive in Austin!

Can I get one of those?


If you really love skating and can see you taking it up, they sell skates and all the accessories.

You can buy protective gear there, but can't rent i. (You can bring your own)

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When can we go?

Check the session times as they vary

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