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Things to do in Austin, TX with kids

Texans like to do things BIG, which also means Austin does too!  Which means, this city is not just a good place to go with kids, it’s great!

Take Zilker Park. Any other major city might just give you a few trees and a pond. But Austin? No way! They give you over 700 acres of parkland and lakes to explore! Best of all - it’s FREE!

They also have the weird and wonderful, like the Cathedral of Junk. Sound intriguing? It is! But there’s only one way to really find that out….visit!

The littlest family members will always have a great time in Austin.  Fun and age-appropriate activities such as the popular Peter Pan Mini Golf, Safari Champ and Children’s Day Art Park are there just for them, so they will always feel super special!

And of course, there are PLENTY of places to visit that are perfect for the entire family, such as the grrrrreat animal-tastic Austin Zoo, and the very wet and very wild Hawaiian Falls. (Don’t let the name fool you - that one’s still in Texas!)

So get the family ready to have big Texan fun, big Texan style. The cowboy hat is optional!

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