Cathedral Of Junk

Austin, TX

Where are we going?

Cathedral Of Junk
4422 Lareina Dr
TX 78745

512 299 7413

What is there to do?

What do they say? One mans junk is another mans treasure? Only at the Cathedral Of Junk - one mans junk IS his treasure.  And you can go and visit it!

Cathedral Of Junk is hidden in the backyard of one creative man's small suburban house in Austin.  From the street, you would never know it was here!

He wanted a build himself a clubhouse.  A FUN clubhouse - and fun it is!

The hordes of junk towers together to create some sort of awesome fort, towering above you.  Knick knacks, odds and ends...whatever you want to call it...all work together and somehow bond right up to the subtropical Texan vegetation above!

When kids go through, they have a great time exploring, and finding, and playing. What kinds of things do you think you'll find!? Here's a hint for some - try and spot them when you visit!

There are a range of kitchen utensils, and ladders.  Perhaps you can spot the bicycle parts? how many bottles can you find? Don't forget the lawnmower wheels!

From the outside, you might think it will be a small enclosure. But when you enter, the world of junk magically expands and you are in another world of walkways, stairways, and multiple levels!

To visit, you have to call by appointment, but from what we've heard from passers by, it's definitely worth a stop! 

What else is it they say...only in America!? 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $10 (may change frequently)

Children: $10 (may change frequently)


When can we go?

By appointment only


Any top tips?

It is a private home, so you do have to call ahead. Call - please don't email to book. At this time we heard it was $10 to get in. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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