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Address: 13530 N. Hwy 183 #101, Austin, TX 78750 Number: 512-222-5586 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Are you excited for an underwater adventure in Texas, where you can meet and learn all about thousands of species who call our waters home - and so much more?

Welcome to Austin Aquarium, where you can enjoy astonishing views of hundreds of species, from the colorful fish, to curious rays, and charming sharks!

In addition to your favorites, there are plenty of stunning corals to admire, and even creatures that live in and around the waters, including lorikeets, macaws and reptiles. 

Every trip to Austin Aquarium is a learning experience for the family, so why not make the most of it by dropping by one of the may animal talks and shows that they offer across the day.

For a small additional cost, kids can enjoy unique interactive fun with as they actually feed their amazing rays, sharks, tortoises, iguanas and more - including some interactions that your friends just won't believe, including a Sloth encounter (great for kids over 6 years), or a Kinkajou encounter (for kids over 8 years)

Did we mention that kids over 6 years can enjoy a Lemur experience too? You don't need to travel all the way to Madagascar to meet these adorable creatures - you just need to be at Austin Aquarium!

There is even more kids fun with additional activities - from face painters, selfies with mermaids, and caricature artists.

So kids, are you excited to meet some of the coolest, weirdest and most wonderful creatures of the waters and more?

It's all happening at Austin Aquarium, and YOU have a front row ticket!

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$13.95 weekdays / $15.95 weekends



$8.95 weekdays / $11.95 weekends



$11.95 weekdays / $13.95 weekends


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3 years


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Foster children are always free!

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When you arrive, check the timings of the shows, feedings, activities and talks so you can plan your day around them - you won't want to miss out!

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Teachers corner


The Austin Aquarium field trips provide augmented, age-specific teachings for pre and post-visit study for Austin area PreK – College students.

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Give them a call if you have any questions about the accessibility of the events or attractions - they will be happy to help !

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Summer: 10am - 8pm daily. Check website for rest of year, during season

Open year round

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