Talking Rocks Cavern

Reeds Spring, MO

Where are we going?

Talking Rocks Cavern
498 Fairy Cave Ln
Reeds Spring
MO 65737


What is there to do?

We know a lot about what's happening ABOVE ground as we go about our day to day lives - fun, play, and lots of parks to play in! But what about UNDERGROUND adventures? We've got that covered! 

Well, Talking Rocks Cavern have it covered! These amazing caves are often on the "must see" list for anyone visiting Branson, in Missouri. When you get there you will know why! This treasure lies just below the feet of everyone hustling and bustling above.

They've been visited by millions of people over they years, and you could be next! You will be taken into a world of glistening crystals that are a true gift from nature. When you're there - think about how long these caves would have taken to create by mother nature. Over millions and millions of years, minerals have been deposited in layers, and the result is well, the Talking Rocks Cavern!

The hour long tour focuses on education, as well as entertaining, so it's great for kids. They will learn all about the discovery of the caves, as well as all the geological formations that they are passing.

The guides will be able to answer any questions you have too! 

The cave experience will take a few good hours, but why not make a full day of it! There is ABOVE ground fun too waiting for you when you finish your experience! There are amazing hiking trails that you can spend some time immersing yourself in, and shady picnic areas that you can relax with a packed lunch.

If you were inspired by what you saw underground, you can try your luck at gemstone mining and even take what you find home! Want more? Why not! The family can enjoy the 9-hole Cave Country Miniature Golf Course which is a great relief from the sun. Too much fun! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $17.95. $7 mini golf only.

Children: $9.95 (Ages 4 - 12) $4 mini golf only

Free Under: 3 years


Need a little extra help?

You do need to be physically mobile to take the tour, but give them a call to discuss the details before you book


When can we go?

9:30am - 5pm. Tours depart through the day

All year round


Any top tips?

For the gem mining, you need to purchase a gem bag before hand - from $5.99

I’m Hungry!

There are lovely picnic areas for you to bring your own food! No food and drink are allowed in the caves. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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