Cave Without a Name

Boerne, TX

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Address: 325 Kreutzberg Rd, Boerne, TX 78006, USA Number: 830 537-4212 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Some people say that this underground adventure is THE most beautiful in Texas, so why not take the family and decide for yourself!

Cave Without A Name has been giving families underground adventures since all the way back in 1939 - that's a lot of family fun that's been had!

Less than 40 miles from downtown San Antonio, and 12 miles from Boerne, these caverns can be found in the heart of the rolling hills of Texas Hill Country, so why not make a day of it, get out of the city and really enjoy what nature has created - above AND below ground!

Cave Without A Name is a living, natural cavern. Deep inside, you will see all the spectacular formations that have appeared over millions of years. Stalactites, stalagmites, cave drapery, flowstones and soda straws will surround you. Kids will love trying to spot all the different types of formations in the cave!

There are 6 major rooms that you will experience on your guided tour. Don't you worry about the weather either, as the caverns are always 65 degrees, so you will know what to expect! Easy walkways and brilliant lighting make it a great family tour lasting an hour.

The tour will take you 126 steps deep (about 80 feet!) below the surface. You will see then why it's been designated a National Natural Landmark, as well as a member of the National Cave Association!

If you really wanted to make a family trip of it, there is camping and RV facilities nearby, where you can enjoy hiking trails and wildlife too. A great family experience in Texas!

The cavern might be without a name, but your experience certainly can be called "Family Texas Fun!"

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There are additional fun activities at the cave, like the labyrinth, cutting a geode and gemstone sluicing!

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Why not have a birthday party at the cave! It's great for all ages, and you can bring your own food, enjoy the scenery and explore that wonderful cave! A unique way to celebrate!

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Take a picnic and enjoy the lovely picnic area they have. After nature below ground, spend some time enjoying it above ground!

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Teachers corner


The cave love having schools visit the cave! They can tailor the cave tours to your age group, and they are always jam packed with information on geology and speleology!

Can I get one of those?


They have a nature oriented gift shop where you can pick up fun items, gifts and information about all things nature and geology!

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There are steps involved, but if you have any questions just give them a call and they can assist you

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9am - 6pm Memorial to Labor Day. 10am - 5pm rest of year

Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas

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