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Sonora, TX

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Address: 1711 Pvt Rd 4468, Sonora, TX 76950, USA How do we get there? Number: 325 387-3105
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Adventure above ground is exciting, but adventure UNDERGROUND is magical...especially if you're in one of the most beautiful caves in Texas!

The Caverns of Sonora are just near San Antonio and Sonora, and is such a great place for the whole family to have an adventure they will never forget. It's a place where you can see something wonderful that nature created millions of years ago, and it's also a great way for kids to learn about the caverns whilst actually experiencing them first hand!

The guided tours through the caverns are a great way to really get up close and personal to these living caverns. Did you know that your adventure will also happen along crystal corridors 155 feet below the surface?

That also means no matter what the weather, your adventure can be enjoyed! The Caverns are also around 72F (but feel like 85F!) so they are WARM caves - no need for jackets! 

The Crystal Palace Tour is one of the most popular tours, as they are quite intimate at only 12 people maximum. This tour will take you through nearly 2 miles of decorated cave passage ways. Just under 2 hours later, and you will arrive in the gift shop having had a magical adventure!

If you want something a little more adventurous, the Discovery Challenge Tour gives you that cave experience but with a difference. An experienced caver will take you through a maze of passageways, where you will then rappel fifty feel into the Devil's Pit, and after 4 hours you will feel like a caving pro!

Caverns of Sonora also offer a Photography Tour. 

See - adventure doesn't have to be ABOVE ground for it to be exciting! Have a unique family day out in Texas with the Caverns of Sonora!

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$18 - Crystal Palace Tour



$16 (Ages 4 to 11)


Free Under

4 years


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Caverns of Sonora FAQ’s

They have really created a tour that is safe for the environment of the cave. Make sure you help them and the caves by not taking anything away from it

They have homemade fudge on site!

If you do bring an animal, they have free onsite kennels as they are not allowed in the caves themselves

There is a gift shop where you can pick up some great items, and you can pan for gemstones and keep what you find!

Schools are more than welcome to explore the caves with advance reservations. They offer group prices, as well as customized tours. There is an underground classroom and gemstone panning addition, perfect for kids up to 6th.

Why not bring a picnic and enjoy it out in nature! A great way to really make a day out of it

There are 360 stair steps in the caving tour

Make sure you bring your camera, and good shoes!

It should be noted that no animals are allowed in the cave (this includes service animals), no mobility aids are allowed in the cave, and nothing besides car keys and a camera can be taken inside the cavern. Sonora Caverns has a legal waiver to not comply with the ADA, and therefore the site is not accessible to anyone with conditions that require mobility aids of ANY kind, service animals, or additional supplies (such as water or rescue medications kept in a bag or purse).

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