Fort Croghan Grounds and Museum

Burnet, TX

Where are we going?

Fort Croghan Grounds and Museum
703 Buchanan Drive Burnet TX 78611


What is there to do?

Ready for some history, kids? Well, if you visit Fort Croghan Grounds & Museum, you will be surrounded by it!

Did you know that Fort Croghan was established ALL the way back in 1849, as the third of the first four forts established by the US government to protect the settlements on the edge of the frontier from hostile Indians? 

From 1849 to its decommission in 1853, Fort Croghan was the home of Company C, 8th Infantry (mounted), and eventually became the headquarters of the Second Dragoon Regiment. Pretty amazing? And to think that when you visit, all of that history will have happened RIGHT under your feet!

Today Fort Croghan is representative of the early days of what was to become Burnet, Texas. When you visit on a self-guided tour, you can see the sights and imagine the sounds of the frontier as you visit the blacksmith shop, listening to the clanging metals.

Kids can visit the one room schoolhouse and imagine how different school life might actually have been over 100 years ago.

During your visit at Fort Croghan you can see the powder house, the stage stop and even the log cabins.

For more learning experiences, don't forget to check out the museum which is home to over 1200 artifacts from in and around Burnet, Texas!

So why not visit the Texas frontier as it was.....with a visit to Fort Croghan!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free! But donations welcome

Children: Free! But donations welcome


Need a little extra help?

Just give them a call to ask about the accessibility as it is a historic destination


When can we go?

10am - 5pm Thursdays to Saturdays

Open April thru mid October


Any top tips?

Every year in October, the Heritage Society hosts “Fort Croghan Day” which brings to the fort volunteers who reinact what life was like in the late 1800s. They dress in period costumes, prepare food, do the laundry, teach school, perform music, demonstrate needlework or rope making and so forth. Sometimes there's even a “gunfight.” Children can try their hands at tin punch, doll making, churning butter or go off to play on stilts, pitching washers, or jump rope. It's a wonderful day for all ages. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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