Dinosaur Park

Cedar Creek, TX

Where are we going?

Dinosaur Park
893 Union Chapel Rd
Cedar Creek
TX 78612


What is there to do?

It's dinosaur time! Are you ready to step back millions of years and explore the age of those famous dinosaurs? 

The Dinosaur Park is a fun, fascinating and unique outdoor museum that differs from most dinosaur museums that you see.

While some museums you may walk in and see their impressive skeletons starting back at you, here you get to see what they might have actually looked like when they were alive and roaming the very country you live in!

They have realistic, and life-size dinosaur replicas which show skin and color variations to give them a better understanding as to what they might have looked like when they were actually live. Obviously they didn't have photos back in the Jurassic period (and if they did, we are pretty sure they wouldn't have been able to work the camera) so they can only speculate what they would have looked like through comparing to certain animals now.  Do you think they got it right? What do you think they might have looked like?

The statues range in size from 2 feet long to a whopping 85 foot long (can you guess what might have been 85 foot long?)

Families can walk together through tree lined nature trails and spot the dinosaurs hiding among the trees, rocks and plants. It really makes it look like they are just in their natural environment!

The park is truly education and fun, where the whole family can learn about these mysterious creatures that ruled our earth for over 150 million years. (That's a pretty long time!)

Once you have finished your exploration of the trails, you can try and dig up your own fossil, enjoy the fun playground or enjoy a family picnic!

(By the way, the answer was Brachiosaurus)

Welcome....to Dinosaur Park....

How much does it cost?

Adults: $7

Children: $7

Free Under: 24 months


When can we go?

10am - 4pm.

Spring and Fall open Fri, Sat & Sun. Summer just shut Mondays. Winter just weekends.


Any top tips?

Have your birthday here!

I’m Hungry!

There are picnic areas at no cost to come and enjoy a nice home packed lunch! Just don't bring glass or alcohol.

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