The DoSeum

San Antonio, TX

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Address: 305 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA Number: 210 212-4453 Website Contact How do we get there?

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If only there was a museum dedicated to JUST children, where they could spend the day learning, being creative, and experimenting, instead of just looking and not touching.

Wait -there is! The DoSeum in San Antonio is the perfect place if you are looking for that fun experience for those inquisitive minds. After all, it's the ONLY children's museum in San Antonio!

All of the exhibits at The DoSeum are designed to give kids the perfect learning experience, all through play. All of the exhibits are unique, and interactive, and each offer something different!

Love to play outdoors? Head on over to the Big Outdoors exhibit! Here, 39,000 sq feet of interactive outdoor space awaits to be enjoyed! There are zones within the Big Outdoors, each specific to an age or activity, so you can find that is perfect for your little ones.

One of the areas is "noisy" and perfect for developing those gross motor skills. Here kids can explore, climb, crawl and run until their heart's content! Or they can move to the "quiet" zone where waterways, bridges and shaded paths all make an adventurous day out!

Kids can play with light and sound in the Sensations Studio, where art and science meet. They can learn about the environments and communities at Explore, where they can discover 21st century skills, and learn how we live and work in the present day.

Creative minds as young as 6 months can enjoy Little Town, where this role-play townscape offers opportunities for exploration and observation, and the Innovation Station is all about blocks, balls and machines, where future engineers and builders can really be in their element!

So why not take the kids to enjoy a day of playing, learning, and creativity at The DoSeum - what will YOU learn today!

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They often have members only sessions so why not look into becoming a member for some perks!

Any top tips?


Keep an eye out for special events such as Family Night which you might not want to miss!

I'm Hungry!


Learning can work up an appetite! The cafe has healthy, family-friendly meals and snacks that you can fill those tummies with!

Healthy Eating There are plenty of healthy options in the cafe!

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Where is it at?


The DoSeum is situated on 5.5 acres just north of downtown San Antonio, Texas and located on 2800 Broadway at the intersection of Broadway and Humphrey Ave - across from Lions Field.

Teachers corner


They love to support the work of local schools and teachers, so check out the programs they offer from Pre-K to 5th grade!

Can I get one of those?


The store is filled with creative, educational and inspiring gifts, so why not pick up some science kids, games, books or crafts on your way out!

Need a little extra help?


The exhibits are accessible, and they occasionally host sensory friendly evenings.

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When can we go?

Summer hours: 9am - 6pm Monday to Saturday / 12pm - 5pm Sunday (members only 11am - 12pm Sunday). Check rest of year for fall/winter hours.

All year round

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