Museums Near Me in Louisiana

There are SO many things to do and learn in Louisiana, it makes sense to explore the host of amazing museums that this great city offers, to really get under the skin of what makes it so great.

You're in the land of New Orleans, so it makes sense there is a museum dedicated to one of the most iconic events - Mardi Gras World, where the fun starts as soon as you arrive!

You can explore the world of art at the New Orleans Museum of Art, or explore the weird and wonderful roadside attraction of the UCM Museum - only in America!

The wonders of the natural world are explored at the LSU Museum of Natural Science, or kids can learn about science in a fun way at places such as Louisiana Arts and Science Museum. 

There are museums on dolls, museums where you can explore space, and museums JUST for children!

It's all happening in The Pelican State, so get out there on your next family day out and learn, explore, play, be inspired, and most of all - have fun!


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