Daniel Boone National Forest

Morehead, KY

Where are we going?

Daniel Boone National Forest
2375 KY-801
KY 40351


What is there to do?

Kentucky has somewhere pretty special within it's state lines! Daniel Boone National Forest is over 700,000 acres of what is mostly rugged terrain. Ravines, sandstone cliffs and ridges make up it's unique landscape - and what better place to explore and have incredible family adventures!

Did you know that over 5 million people visit annually? It must be doing something right!

Feeling active? We hope so, because there are over 600 miles of trails which offer up some incredibly escapes - you can even explore really remote areas within the forest and not see another soul!

There is even a 269 mile recreation trail that extends the entire length of the forest which is perfect for hikers or horseback riders.

Fancy fishing? Of course you do - just pick a spot! There are hundreds of miles of winding rivers that run through this incredible Appalachian beauty.

There are a number of lakes which you can boat and fish on. Red River Gorge Geologic Area is really popular with campers, hikers, and climbers (some parts can be quite challenging so be careful!)

Beautiful waterfalls may also greet you too! 

What's that you spot in the trees? Could it be one of the amazing species that call the Daniel Boone National Forest home? Black bears, deer, raccoons, elk, foxes, bobcats, woodchucks, turtles...we could keep going but we'll leave some as a surprise!

Other activities available are biking, historic sites, perhaps enjoy a lovely picnic, or take to the water and enjoy some water sports! 

The forest is quite big so it's worth considering spending more than a day here. If that is the case, there are two developed drive-in campgrounds which are available from mid-April to October. Primitive camping is also allowed at designated areas around the lakes. Just look for the 'Primitive Camping" sign! 

There are incredible natural sites to be experienced and explored. Kids will love getting out into nature and playing, climbing, and seeing what new things they encounter - beats sitting in front of the television!

When can we go?

Three districts open 8am - 4:30pm Weekdays. Cumberland Ranger district 9am - 5:30pm 7 days.

Year round


Any top tips?

Make sure you check any alerts for the area before you travel out there!

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