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    Stopped by the retail store today for the first time in eons. Rebecca Ruth was the “expensive” and coveted candy of my childhood. No more! It’s still quite expensive…a lb is between $23 and $30+. The chocolate creams (of various flavors) were flat and gritty, not creamy smooth as once upon a time. The salt water taffy was straight from WalMart…I know that’s so because I have bought several bags of WM taffy and recognized every color and flavor without exception. Steer clear of everything but pure RR candies and chocolates…and only then if you want to sort of experience what was once the best. The caramel-covered marshmallows were still very, very good…and the creamed candy was also very nice. I did not spring for a full lb. I settled for 1/2 lb of chocolates and a few caramels plus a very small bag of the taffy to confirm my suspicions. The gentleman waiting on me was lovely…the candy looked delicious…but much of it has really gone done in quality. Some of their uber-expensive specialty candies such as bourbon candy might still be good. But if you’re just wanting creams, chocolate toffee, etc., this isn’t the place anymore…and that makes me very sad. 🙁