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About Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is known as "3,000 acres of discovery". In fact, if you visit, you will be standing on the spot that Kentukians called home for more than 100 years.

Now, you can explore the legacy and history of this special community.

The Historic Center at Shaker Village is the best place to start your journey at Shaker Hill. The "shakers" who lived at Shaker Hill embraced a kinship with not only the land, but also each other. They committed their lives to that higher calling, and now it's your turn to find out about them!

Sis you know that one of the founding members who actually signed the covenant in 1814 was born into slavery? Imagine the journey her life took! The stories of those who lived here will really allow the family to discover your OWN pioneering spirit!

You can learn new skills, and be inspired!

The Shakers actually spent their days tending to thousands of acres of fruits, vegetables, livestock, and grains. No walking to the restaurants for them! They would prepare feasts for the community (imagine cooking for 500!). Farming was at the heart at what they did, and now The Farm at Shaker Hill shares these lessons in sustainability, which is a great lesson for the kids! 

Kids also love meeting the farm animals they have on site! Say hi to the lambs, help round up the chickens, and if you visit in the spring you might be able to hold the sweet new piglets!

Then there is the preserve itself! Walk, bike, and explore nature as you enjoy the forests, streams and wide open spaces that make up the land.

A visit to Shaker Village is an amazing insight into not only history, but how an entire community lived in Kentucky.

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Adults $14 for exhibits and tours

Children $7 (ages 6 to 12) for exhibits and tours

Free Under 5 years

Last Update 2023

Discount Active & Veteran Military, First Responders and Seniors all $10

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Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill FAQ’s

Doing our bit

They are preserving the history of the Shakers, and do so by preserving their way of life. They also make it fun for families, and also have wagon and river boat rides too!

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill?

The Trustees Tables offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, with seed-to-table dishes of traditional Kentucky fare!

Any top tips when visiting?

Check the daily schedule when you first arrive, so you can see the activities planned and you can plan your day around them!

Does Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill have a gift shop?

There are 3 shops that you can pick up gifts such as traditional toys, books, and merchandise.

Teachers corner

Special admission and tours are available for student groups! They offer field trips, homeschool days and youth groups trips!

Does Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill have healthy eating or Vegan options?

There are healthy options at the Trustees Table. In fact, it's nearly all healthy!

Is Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill fully accessible?

Accessibility can be challenging due to the natural and historic features. There are several accessible tours, and if you offer them advanced notice they can do their best to accommodate you

Any additonal information?

Mondays are quiet days. This means you are welcome to explore the grounds, dine and shop, but the demonstrations, buildings, exhibits and guided tours aren't available.