Museum of Radio and Technology

Huntington, WV

Where are we going?

Museum of Radio and Technology
1640 Florence Ave
WV 25701

304 525 8890

What is there to do?

The Museum of Radio and Technology is perfect for kids and those families who just love radios, the technology of radios, and the history of communication.

The building itself is a converted red brick elementary school from the 1920's, so it already has character before you walk in the door! 

Breaker....breaker....1-9, come in breaker can explore their very detailed and huge collection of vintage radios, test equipment, and all the part that come with it.

Have you ever tried a crystal radio before? There you can try a real working one! No batteries or plugs needed! How do you think that could work?

There is an amateur radio station for ham and emergency use, and fascinating QSL cards from over a whopping 300 countries on display! 

Visit the Radio Classroom where they have a 1940's working tube radio, a 1940s/50s "Sales Room" where they have a beautiful collection of table, portable and console radio - as well as a fun Gilbert toy collection. 

Think disc mans are outdated now that you have your ipods?  Well at the museum you can check out the hi-fi audio displays, and look at what your parents and grandparents used to use back in the day! They have turntables, tape recorders, tuners and speakers for you to look back into history and peoples' day to day lives. 

Congratulations caller, you're on the air!  Enjoy the 1930's radio station with its broadcast transmitter.  What kind of radio show would you have if you were on the air every night?  Do you think you could use all of that equipment?

Step back in time through the history of the radio - if you're an enthusiast you will love it. 

Over and out! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: A voluntary contribution box is available.


When can we go?

Saturdays 10am - 4pm and Sunday 1pm - 4pm. Also Fridays 10am - 4pm in late Spring, Summer, to early

All year round except certain holidays.


Any top tips?

They sometimes hold swap meets and auctions so if you are interested, keep and eye on their calendar. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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