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Address: 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202 How do we get there? Number: (513) 421-4086
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Krohn Conservatory opened all the way back in 1933 and is located in Eden Park, which is also a great place to visit when in Cincinnati!.

The land in the park once belonged to a man named Nicholas Longworth, and he called it his Garden of Eden, so that might give you an idea of what you're about to experience. Krohn Conservatory has a number of features in a style called Art Deco. which happened to be very popular in 1933, so it's part a nature-filled day out, and part a trip through history.

There are four different houses within Krohn Conservatory, all of which showcase a group of plants with their own specifics needs, that thrive in completely different landscapes.

The Fern House plants include microscopic algae in pools, as well as tiny mosses and liverworts covering the moist rocks, and finally ferns and seed plants springing from the soil. Quite the sight!

The Desert House features plants that are from desert regions which receive less than 10 inches of precipitation (rain) a year. (Much less than you'll find in Cincinnati, that's for sure!)

The Palm House is rainforest territory. Here, a tropical rain forest is recreated in an environment where precipitation in such a forest may total 160 inches yearly.

Finally, you have the Orchid House! Did you know that orchids range widely over the world, living everywhere except in deserts and on glaciers? They're a pretty special flower, and you can learn all about them at Krohn Conservatory!

In addition to these fascianting houses, the conservatory is also home to a beautiful bonsai garden. Did you know that Bonsai is a Japanese term for woody plants which have been creatively miniaturized? The art of making bonsai originated in China arounud 2,000 years ago, so it's a pretty special tradition which is now practiced throughout the world.

Also at Krohn Conservatory is the Floral Show Room which is home to five seasonal floral shows, as well as a permenant citrus tree collection.

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The conservatory is located in Eden Park

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Krohn Conservatory FAQ’s

Take a picnic and enjoy a picnic in Eden Park before or after your visit!

Keep an eye on the events hosted across the year so you can put them in your diary!

Give them a call if you have questions about the accessibility

You may purchase tickets online or buy tickets at the front door with cash, Visa or Mastercard.

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