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    Great place! Very Family Friendly with lots of free games for the kids and a large play ground area with swings and playground equipment. We went there to cut our own Christmas tree and they had a good selection with sizes from small to very large. Decent prices. Definitely cheaper than going to a Christmas tree lot and buying a pre-cut tree. Our tree was about 7 ft and we paid $59 with the shake-down and netting. We would definitely recommend going there. All of that being said… I would have given this place 5 stars, but the burrs were horrible! They were all over the ground in the Christmas tree area (however I didn’t notice any in the playground area, thank goodness). So, if you are going to go there for Christmas trees, which we do recommend, do yourself a favor and bring work gloves and a LARGE piece of cardboard (like a broken-down large moving box) because the cardboard that they provide when they hand you a saw is about the size of a large notebook. It protects your knees, but those burrs get all over your shins, ankles, and arms. And some of them really dig in. I have part of one stuck in my finger from picking them off of my ankles. Luckily, the kids and the spouse seem fine, no stickers stuck in them, so we still recommend this family friendly place, but with work gloves and a LARGE piece of cardboard. Really, I didn’t notice the burrs in any of the other areas, just where the Christmas trees were. Try to stick to walking only in the isles and don’t cut across the rows, cutting across the rows seemed to get me the most burrs. So just be cautious with the kids in that area, then let them run free in the play area.***Update***After setting the tree up, we both agree that this is the best tree that we’ve had!!! Even after trimming the stump when we got home, the tree is closer to 8 ft and pretty full. Nice pine-y smell to it. Glad that we brought a sheet with us for the back of our van, though, because there was a little sap leakage, not much, though. So all in all, definitely glad we went to Devine Acres and will return again next year for a tree if we are still in SA… Oh! I forgot to mention that, though, we were there for a few hours, we didn’t have time to do all of the fun things that they have available for the kids. There was horse-shoe tossing, marshmallow roasting (marshmallows could be purchased in the gift shop, or bring your own), animal petting and feeding, duck water races, mining/shifting for “gold,” ect. There was a hayride to bring you and your tree around the tree farm and back to the front, and a wreath shop with wonderful smelling, decorated wreaths. It was a fun place! And the honey roasted almonds that we got in the gift shop on the way out were a nice treat for our ride home. We even picked up some cute ornaments in their gift shop (something I never do) because their prices were pretty good (like $2-3 for painted ornaments). So with all of those kid-friendly, fun things to do (all FREE!!!) this place is pretty budget friendly!