The Mayan Dude Ranch

Bandera, TX

Where are we going?

The Mayan Dude Ranch
Schmidtke Rd
TX 78003


What is there to do?

Howdy partners - looks like we're in Texas so get ready to have big Texas sized fun!

The Mayan Dude Ranch is an beautiful 348 acres ranch which spreads from the lowlands of the crisp Medina River, to the hills into the valleys beyond - a true nature inspired adventure!

Get your family to  be part of their Western traditions - they have even produced SEVEN world champion rodeo cowboys - pretty impressive! 

Only 47 miles from San Antonio, high in the beautiful Hill Country you will find a fantastic western world of warmth and, as they like to say, "Horsepitatlity" - clever!

Want to hear a typical day if you stay at this dude ranch? Well, get ready! When you wake up you will be woken to fresh juices, before you mosey on down to have your first trail ride (or hay ride!) to your scrumptious Cowboy Breakfast cook-out. The bigger the better! From eggs, has browns, to sausages, you won't go hungry! You can continue your morning ride into the hills, or just relax.

All guests get two trail rides a day, and it's a great way to see the countryside! If you have questions, just ask the cowboys - they are the real deal!

After lunch filled with Country-Western music, there is more horse riding, or swimming, or contests! Every evening the Mayan Dude Ranch has it's own style of fun just for you, as well as AMAZING BBQ food! In the evenings over summer there are also fun activities that are put on, from "Texas Night" to Cowboy and Hawaiian infused fun! 

 Get those lassoes ready y’all - it’s the Mayan Dude Ranch! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $165 daily.

Children: $80 daily up to 21 years. $100 for 13 to 17 years.


Need a little extra help?

If you have any mobility disabilities, just give them a call before you arrive so they give you advice and do what they can to help you.


Any top tips?

Make sure you take advantage of all the activities, including swimming, fishing, basketball, ping pong and volleyball. There is even a golf course just minutes away!

I’m Hungry!

What ISNT there to eat! From big cowboy breakfasts, to lunches and cookouts in the evening, you certainly won't go hungry! There are continental and domestic cuisines in the evening, and each night over summer there might be a different theme.

Healthy Eating

If you have dietary requirements, just have a chat to the very friendly staff - always happy to help! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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