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Scovill Zoo

Decatur, IL

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Address: 71 S. Country Club Rd, Decatur, IL 62521, USA Number: (217) 421-7435 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Creatures from all across the world (some you might LOVE, some you might never have heard of!) all come together in the one place so the whole family can have unforgettable animal experiences...and that place is Scovill Zoo!

Do you love camels? Great, because they are waiting to say hi! Do you find wallabies fascinating? Yay! Because they are there too!

From zebu, alligators, sloths....Scovill Zoo has a host of weird and wonderful animals that kids can come face to face with. 

Have you ever wondered what makes a mammal, a mammal? From armadillos, opossums, spider monkeys, meerkats, cheetah's....Scovill Zoo is there to educate kids all about the animals, their habits, habitats, and of course to answer any questions ....like finding out what a mammal is! 

The zoo also has colorful birds, scaly reptiles, and slippery fish, as well as those amphibians! Kids can get up close to those long necked emus, or see those mighty birds of prey right in front of them!

They can look into the eyes of crocodiles and snakes, and watch the swimming patterns of some pretty amazing fish.

With more than 400 animals all coming together from 6 continents from across the world, it's a place which looks after the animals, supports conservation efforts, and gives families just like yours a chance to see some pretty amazing animals that we share the plenty with. 

Kids can enjoy the Endangered Species Carousel, or ride the express train, and even play in the community built playground.

Don't forget your camera and sense of wonder! You will need them!

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$6.75 (Ages 2 to 12)



Seniors $7.75


Free Under

1 year


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The carousel and train is an extra cost to admission

Any top tips?


Admission is FREE on Thursdays between June and October!

I'm Hungry!


Zoopermarket (clever name!) has snacks and refreshments that you can purchase

Healthy Eating There are several picnicking areas in the zoo on a first-come basis, where you can enjoy your own lunch!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Scovill Zoo’s education programs offer opportunities for animal lovers of all ages to discover the animal kingdom. From their Zoo Academy classes to the guided tours to their Mobile Zoo, Scovill Zoo provides fun, hands-on connections to the animal world!

Can I get one of those?


Zootique is where you can go wild with plush toys, educational games, and great souvenirs to take home!

Need a little extra help?


Wheelchairs are available to rent for $3 and the entire zoo is accessible

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Baby Facilities

Single strollers are available to rent for $3

When can we go?

9:30am - 6pm daily through summer, and fall weekends. 5pm close Fall weekdays

May to October

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