Edwardsville Children's Museum

Edwardsville, IL

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Address: 722 Holyoake Rd, Edwardsville, IL 62025, USA Number: 618-692-2094 Website Contact How do we get there?

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It's SO much fun to play, isn't it! And isn't it fun when you find a place that's dedicated to ensuring those little ones can learn AS they play? Welcome to Edwardsville Children's Museum!

This fun and colorful Illinois museum is perfect for allowing children to play and learn at their own pace, through entertaining and very hands-on exhibits and activities.

The Community Room is all about the professionals! In addition to a fun toddler play area, a climber and a popular train table, kids can also see what it would be like to be...a policeman, or a dentist, or even a librarian!

Edwardsville Children's Museum has created a mini town, so kids can explore all sorts of fun professions! They can deal with currency in Scott Credit Union. They can play in the vault, and try out the ATM.

If they have some letters to post, then they can head on over to the Star City Post Office, and sort the mail, weigh the packages, and then deliver mail throughout the museum! How fun is that!

For those little buddy dentists in the family, they can use real X-Rays, look at patient files, and of course check out all the medical tools a dentist would use to check all those teeth that are so important to clean!

From markets for all the shopping, to libraries filled with amazing books to read, to even a flight simulator where kids can land and take off, Star City is a very cool little town for the kids to get lost in!

In addition to Star City, Edwardsville Children's Museum has a Science Room that is dedicated guessed! From rotating exhibits tables, to design activities and learning how magnets work, those inquisitive minds will love enjoying all of these fun activities that help them learn!

Fun AND learning all around in this Illinois children's museum!

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1 year old


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Allow at least 2 hours to really enjoy the museum

I'm Hungry!


They are close to many restaurants in the area, and from Spring 2015 they will start the order-in option from the Edwardsville Dairy Queen!

Healthy Eating
They have a few picnic tables if you want to bring your own lunch, and they even have grassy spots for the picnic blankets!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


For students up to 12 years its a great place for them to enjoy their education outside of the classroom. Field trips are 2 hours long, and make sure you schedule at least a month in advance.

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Give them a call to check what accessibility there is, or what help they can give those with special needs

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10am - 4pm Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

All year round. Closed Mondays, $7, Thursday and Sundays

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