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    Our first visit to WBR was with granddaughter visiting from NJ; live snakes, drawers of native flora & fauna captivated her inquisitive mind-ours too! History of the area, elevated maps for flooding, a nature trail where red headed woodpeckers were seen; all manner of native flowers blooming! Aside from great photos of our grand, she had memories to share during “Show & Tell” back in Jersey. The end of the boardwalk opening onto Weeks Bay is a fitting end to the walk; picnic lunch [take your trash back with you!] while talking about our adventure was a grand afternoon. Next visit we booked a bird watching tour via the WBR pontoon boat; met interesting people, saw a Bald Eagle, Pelicans, porpoises, turtles; a magical adventure both times. Now we visit monthly. AND the Pitcher Plant Bob is right around the corner! Bring bugspray!