Jockey's Ridge State Park

Nags Head, NC

Where are we going?

Jockey's Ridge State Park
W Carolista Dr
Nags Head
NC 27959


What is there to do?

There are many reasons why millions of people visit Jockey's Ridge State Park! Some come to see the TALLEST sand dune on the whole Atlantic coast, and that sounds pretty impressive already. Some come for the spectacular sunsets. Some even come for the super fun activities that you can enjoy at this North Carolina gem - such as kite flying and sandboarding. 

What will your reason be!?

At Jockey's Ridge State Park you can experience the world of the desert. It's pretty amazing! Just imagine you're trekking across the deserts of North Africa....(just without the camels!)

Shifting sands, high winds, extreme temperatures as well as a lack of water make Jockeys Ridge State Park resemble barren environments such as the Sahara Desert.

The experience is also a great way for kids to learn about geology and the planet too. The tidal waters of the Roanoke Sound, the western boundary of the park, is a rich habitat for a variety of plant and animal life, making these waters the source of much of the sea's bounty.

Do you know what fulgurites are? Well, these are glass tubes that are formed when lightning hits the sand. It's not an urban myth! You can actually see them in the park, but just make sure you don't take them out of the park. 

Whatever the reason for a visit to Jockey's Ridge, a trip to this unique park will give you even more reasons to come back again and again.

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free

Children: Free


When can we go?

8am open. 8pm or 9pm close. 6pm close Nov - Feb.

Year round. Closed Christmas Day.


Any top tips?

Shoes are a must to protect tender feet from hot sand and sandspurs - sand temperatures may be as much as 30 degrees higher than air temperatures.

I’m Hungry!

Take a picnic! It's a beautiful location and nothing beats homemade favorites!

Healthy Eating

Take plenty of bottled water with you to stay hydrated - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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