Mount Trashmore Park

Virginia Beach, VA

Where are we going?

Mount Trashmore Park
Mount Trashmore Park
310 Edwin Dr
Virginia Beach
VA 23462

757 473-5237

What is there to do?

Fancy a day out on land fill? neither! BUT...what if we told you that in Virginia Beach there is the aptly named Mount Trashmore Park which was actually created on a former land fill site? That's pretty cool!

Mount Trashmore Park is 165 acres comprising of two man made mountains, as well as two lakes to enjoy, two playgrounds to play on, as well as a super fun skate park for those active kids.

The main mountain at Mount Trashmore Park is a whopping 60 feet in heigh, and a very huge 800 feet long - and was actually created by compacting layers of clean soil and solid waste.

It's actually an environmental feat with a water-wise garden that is set up so it doesn't need much extra water to keep it going.

We mentioned the lakes - did that get you excited? If you love fishing - it should! All you need is a Virginia freshwater licence and you're off! You can't play in the lakes, but you certainly can fish from the shore!

If kids are getting itchy feet to get on those playgrounds, we wouldn't be surprised in the slightest! The new Kids Cove Playground is 26,000 square feet of FUN! There are three distinct areas on a safe, rubber surface as well as a giant play structure with a host of slides, walkways, climbers and swings. It's also fully ADA compliant so everyone can play!

If you have some tricks that you want to show off, then the Skate Park is for you! There are 24,000 square feet of street course, and 7 foot of deep bowl.

Enjoy the sun in this very unique park at Virginia Beach! Mount Trashmore Park is ready and waiting!  

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free

Children: Free


Need a little extra help?

The playground is ADA compliant!


When can we go?

7:30am open. Closing time is posted at the park

All year round.


Any top tips?

There is an outdoor fitness station too! Why not get that little bit more of that energy used up!

I’m Hungry!

There are a number of picnic shelters so you can bring your own lunch and enjoy a fun family meal together! There are also vending machines and concessions

Healthy Eating

Bring plenty of water because you might get hydrated with all that fun! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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