Jeannettes Pier

Nags Head, NC

Where are we going?

Jeannettes Pier
7223 S Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head
NC 27959


What is there to do?

Who loves the beach, the sound of those waves crashing up on the shore, or the smell of that fresh salty sea air? We certainly do!

Jeannette's Pier is a popular place for families to enjoy those sunny days out on the coast, fishing, playing, and getting out onto the ocean. 

They have programs scheduled across the year to keep you entertained, like family fishing programs! You can learn the basics skills necessary to catch those sneaky fish, and kids can also learn about all the species that are commonly found around the pier. (They also learn catch and release techniques, as well as identifying species which is a great and environmentally friendly skill to have!)

If your family know the basics of fishing but want to try something a bit more skilled, then they have advanced fishing classes for those ages 12 and up. Here you learn how to catch, clean (eeek!) and cook the fish, just in time to enjoy a tasty fried-fish lunch - YUM!

Jeannette's Pier have you all covered...If you don't enjoy the fishing part but love the eating part you can join just for the lunch. Why not!

Of course, if you want private fishing lessons, anyone over 12 can enjoy fishing 101, Jig fishing, Surf fishing and Wade fishing...a whole host of skills you can enjoy learning!

For kids aged 8 and up who love the water and can't wait to get out ON it, they have Stand Up Paddle Tours where they can explore the ocean with an instructor. They'll learn about the plans and animals that call the Outer Banks their home. What animals can you spot? Do you think you'd like to live there too!?

Naturally, they have special day camps for kids! Kids over 4 can learn how to surf, fish, play games and be creative! 

Let the magic of the beaches of Jeannette's Pier pull you in hook, line and sinker! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $2 walk on, $12 fishing day rate. Programs from $15.

Children: $1, walk on, $6 fishing day rate. (Under 12), Programs from $8.

Discount: Kids under 12 are half price on all passes

Family Deals: Fishing passes available


When can we go?

5am - midnight (May to August), 6am - midnight (April, Sept, Oct & Nov), 8am - 5pm (Dec - Mar)

Year round.


Any top tips?

Prices vary for all the seasonal programs. Junior Explorer Day Camp is $20 in September. Paddle Tours run May to September and are $55. Check the seasonality of the tours before you book (and make sure you book ahead!)

I’m Hungry!

If you join the fishing programs you can learn to cook your fish then enjoy a tasty lunch! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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