Rudee Tours Cruises

Virginia Beach, VA

Where are we going?

Rudee Tours Cruises
200 Winston Salem Ave
Virginia Beach
VA 23451


What is there to do?

There is something very special about seeing a dolphin glide it's way across the waves, or seeing a whale breach out of the water for the very first time - and it's all possible right on your doorstep!

Virginia Beach's Rudee Tours Cruises offer three different cruises that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Want to see those beautiful dolphins in the wild? Head on out with the Dolphin Watching Tour! Flipper will be waiting for you as you take to the waves with their lovely staff who will narrate your journey, teaching you about all the fascinating facts of these fascinating creatures!

Kids will learn all about their lifestyle, hunting techniques, behavior and social structure. Also invaluable, is that kids will learn what is being done to protect the species. It's a great opportunity for them to ask questions about the ocean, the wildlife, and even conservation.

Of course, there is a snack bar on board so get that popcorn out, take a seat and get ready for that excitement when you see that first glimpse of grey making it's way out from the waves!

Had a fun and exciting day in Virginia Beach and want to end it with something kids will never forget?

Take them out on the Rudee Tours Sunset Cruise, where they can check out all the sights of the Virginia coast - they might even spot some dolphins on this cruise! Look out for the waterfowl feeding as the sun goes down and all the lights from the city come to life. It only runs until 8:30pm so great for kids as it won't be too late past their bedtime. 

Want a whale of a time? Humpback and Fin whales that is! As they move in a seasonal migration along the Atlantic coast, catch a glimpse of them with the Winter Wildlife tours!

The area around Virginia Beach is one of the worlds unique eco-systems, and is the perfect spot to get out and spot the whales! Along the way, kids will have a great time spotting the cormorants, pelicans and gannets just to name a few.

Virginia Beach isn't just great for those who like to stay on dry land! Get out onto the water with Rudee Tours Cruises and explore the incredible world under the ocean only a stones throw away from the city! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Dolphin Watching and Sunset Cruises: $21

Children: Dolphin Watching and Sunset Cruises: $16 (Ages 4 to 11)

Free Under: 3


When can we go?

Varies on the cruise so check the months and times. Summer hours 7am - 7pm.

Winter Wildlife runs December to March.


Any top tips?

If you really want to make your birthday special, you can hire the Flipper for birthday parties!

I’m Hungry!

The cruise boats have a snack bar where you can get tasty treats and hot and cold drinks! Much tastier than what the dolphins would be eating! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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