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Fraser, CO

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Address: 220 County Rd 522, Fraser, CO 80442, USA Number: 970-887-1340 Website Contact How do we get there?

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There are some ways to see the country, which are really great. Trains, cars, buses...but then there are ways to see the country which are pretty AMAZING!

Grand Adventure Balloon Tours let you see Winter Park, Colorado in a WHOLE other way - from the SKY!

Yep - hot air balloons! Not like the balloons that you get at a birthday party, these balloons can take you soaring above the ground. It might almost feel like you're a bird, floating through the sky!

The tours often take place in the mornings before the breezes and winds pick up too much. The great thing about hot air balloons, is they are much smoother than you imagine, so kids won't get any surprises. Some people don't even realize that they have taken off!

Then just take in the view! The basket is big enough for the family, so all you have to do is get that camera out, try and spot the local wildlife, pick those pinecones from the treetops, and try and splash and dash in the nearby ponds. Great family fun!

Not only can you see Colorado in all it's glory like you've never seen it before, but you can learn all about the history too. In around an hour, you can learn history and Indian legends, and the history of the fact that balloons were man's first form of flight too!

So much to experience and learn with Grand Adventure Balloon Tours. Whatever you do...look down!

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You meet around 45 minutes after sunrise, because there they are in relation to the Continental Divide, it takes around 45 minutes for the sun to reach the valley once it's risen. Cool!

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If you are on holiday in the area, try and schedule the balloon ride at the beginning, because then there is leeway should weather not allow the balloon to launch.

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Continental Breakfast and the traditional champagne toast, which dates back over 200 year to the 1st flight by man.

Healthy Eating There is juice and fresh fruit as part of the breakfast!

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Not only do you get great memories, but you also get commerative aeronaut flight certificates and photos!

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Give them a call if you have special needs and see how they can help you

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Meet 45 mins after sunrise

All year round!

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