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North River, NY

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Address: Barton Mines Rd, North River, NY 12856, USA Number: 518 251-2706 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Gold mines....diamond mines....coal mines....but garnet mines!? Yep! Barton Mines are the home of Garnet Mine Tours, the home of those who were searching for that unusual and beautiful red ruby colored gemstone.

Did you know that in 1969 the Governor or New York (Do you know who that was) made the Barton garnet the New York State gem stone? Pretty impressive! (Didn't know the answer? It was Nelson Rockefeller - and if you want to learn more you best take a tour!)

The tours leave on the hour, and then you can begin exploring Gore Mountain. Did you know the garnets found in the mountain are extremely rare? Best keep an eye out, you could find something very special!

In your own car, you can follow the tour guide to the site of the mines. On your tour, your very informative guides will explain all about the geology and history of the Garnet Mine, and how you would go about finding these precious gemstones.

Kids - do you think it would be easy, or hard? You can even hunt for your own treasures in the gem pit, which is great fun!

Every child can experience the thrill of discovery and treasure hunting. They may even want to keep going back because the thrill takes over! They can explore gem cutting demonstrations, as well as panning for gemstones from all over the world. There is even an exciting mineral collection for them to explore! 

Garnet Mine Tours are a unique experience for kids, and one that will send them away feeling excited and educated on this amazing stone. Let’s get gem hunting!

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$9.95 (ages 7 - 14)



Seniors $12.95


Free Under

6 years old, and over 90 years!


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The mines are 2400 feet above sea level, right in the Adirondack Mountains - so make sure you take a camera!

Any top tips?


Any rock and gemstones that are collected can be taken home, and are $1 per pound. Pretty great value!

I'm Hungry!


The Mineral Shop sells candy! Make sure you are good and ask nicely! Yum Yum!

Healthy Eating Make sure you bring plenty of water! It's important to keep hydrated with all that mining!

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Where is it at?


The mines are located on Barton Mines Road, just off Hwy 28. Take exit 23 to Route 9 through Warrensburg. Turn left on Hwy 28 for about 21 miles, then left onto paved Barton Mines Road. The mines are about 5 miles down.

Teachers corner


There are discounts for groups of 25 people or more, and it's a great education for kids to learn about geology, geography, mining and history!

Can I get one of those?


There is a fun Mineral Shop where you can weigh your rocks that you have found. There are also precious gems to buy, and fun toys,

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When can we go?

June to Labor Day 9:30am - 5pm all week, except Sunday 11am - 5pm. After that, weekends only, same t

June to October.

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