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    we had a great time in the rain and that says enough. the kids loved looking for jewels and there was garnet everywhere. thanks for such a good experience

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    Have been here several times, once on a geology field trip with the professional society I belong to, and the others with family. The tour is great. Love the talk on the history of the mines. I’ve never found anything really huge there, but have found some nice little pieces of garnet. Definitely worth it and I plan to go back there this summer hopefully.

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    After a drive up a mountain road, we waited at a small gift shop (with some nice hand made / rustic jewlery) until the top of the hour to go into an open pit quarry last used (except by bugs) many, many years ago… and therefore picked over countless times. The chance of finding anything other than a handful of small cloudy red shards of broken glass (aka garmets) by digging through gravel by hand, confined to a small roped area, in 30 minutes until the next ‘tour’, are – zero. Kids found it vaguely interesting, on par with a marginal nature walk.

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    This place is a good ways from down town touristy lake george, but it’s worth it. You first start by driving up the back side of Gore Mountain. its 5 miles of twists and turns. Get a little speed and have fun.once you get there you stop at a small mineral shop with some normal tourist stuff, and a case with some very nice sterling, gold, and garnet Jewelry. loose stones too.We went on the tour it was somewhere around 11 dollars per adult and they didn’t chage for our infant son. (thanks guys). Plus you can get 3 dollars off with a coupon from their website, or the “things-to-do-books” in town.From there we drive up the hill a little more and then decend into the mine pit. Here everyone parks and gets a little history about the guy that founded the mines, a little history of the stone, and its uses, and some fun facts about who uses it. While listening you can look down and see tons of garnets all about a mm in diameter. After history you get to play in the sand a little. its pretty simple, and we managed to pull a few nice pieces. some as large as a cubic centimeter, and a couple that were quite clear. A few people found lager stuff there too.After the mining you all head down to the gift shop where you pay for the tour and any rocks you decide to keep. They chage a dollar a pound for the rockes. We only kept a few nice ones and they didn’t bother to charge (thanks again).My wife also found a beautiful garnet bracelet with 26 small tear drop garnets set in sterling. and it was only 68 dollars. and the stones were all eye clean (gem quality).something worth checking out if your in the area.