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Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves

Woodstock, NH

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Address: Lost River Valley Campground, 951 Lost River Rd, North Woodstock, NH 03262, USA How do we get there? Number: 603-745-8031
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About this activity

Are you ready for some outdoor adventure? We hope so, because there's lots to see and do at Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves!

Here, you will feel like you have journeyed to the center of the earth! A very, very long time ago, there were MASSIVE glaciers which slowly made their way across the USA, which shaped the land as we know it today (we're talking about a REALLY long time!). In this part of New Hampshire, the water, wind and weather happened to create the Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves!

Which is perfect for you as it gives you a fun and adventurous family day out, doesn't it!

Your experience in the gorge and caves will be an adventure with mystery and beauty. Your path through the gorge will be a 3/4 mile boardwalk, and what's great about it is that it can be as ambitious or easy as you like!

You can stay on the boardwalk and take it all in from there, or you can accept that challenge of exploring the boulder caves. Make sure you have that sturdy footwear!

First, you will descend about 300 feet along the entrance trail. Your first stop will be a viewing platform, so make sure you have your camera because there are some great views of the gorge!

Then - you go into your first cave! 

You will experience some amazing formations, from the Cave of Odin, The Center Of The Earth, to Paradise Falls - a 35ft waterfall which is pretty impressive! 

If you don't want to go into the caves, you can enjoy FREE hikes and walks in the nearby area, perfect for the novice or the experienced hiker! 

Don't forget about the Lantern Tour - which is a whole new adventure that starts at dusk! 

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$18. Lantern tour $29 all ages.



$14 (Ages 4 - 12) Lantern tour $29 all ages.





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3 years


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Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves FAQ’s

The caves are protected, so make sure you help them do their job by following any regulations they have, such as not taking pieces of the cave away with you!

The Lantern Tour isn't recommended for kids under 5 due to safety.

You can keep any of the gemstones that you find at the sluice!

They have great group rates so why not bring the students for their 1.5 hour guided tour, which gives them a chance to climb and learn!

Take bottled water with you

Service dogs only allowed!

Kids can become a junior gorge guide where they can get a sticker and a prize!

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