Mountain Ridge Adventure

Glenville, NY

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Address: 300 Weatherwax Road, Schenectady, NY 12302 Number: (518) 227-1058 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Get ready to challenge yourselves at new heights at New York's premiere Zipline & Adventure Park! Yes, we're off to Mountain Ridge Advenures for a day of obstacle course and treetop fun!

Mountain Ridge Adventures is jut 30 minutes from Albany, and has everything you need for those active kids (and parents!) who love a challenge in the trees!

Whether you like to call it a treetop challenge course, or a high ropes course, perhaps you prefer the term canopy tour, or zip line or aerial adventure park, it doesn’t matter!

As long as you're ready for an exciting, fun, adventurous, thrilling and exhilarating family day out, you can call it what you like!

What's great about Mountain Ridge Adventures is that their obstacle courses start off low to the ground and relatively easy, so even if you have never tried this type of activity you will be fine!

Then, as the confidence and skill build and improve, you can try the courses as they get progressively higher off the ground and more difficult.

Mountain Ridge Adventure offers some of the most unique and exciting obstacles that you can imagine when high off the ground, like a grand piano swinging 50’ in the air (eeek!) plus a life-size slinky you have to crawl through.  For those looking for the ultimate challenge, try The Vortex! This is the obstacle that puts all other obstacles to shame.

Of course Mountain Ridge Adventure still have regular obstacles like Tarzan swings, Indiana-Jones bridges, and the classic cargo nets, zip lines and much, much more.

Enjoy the excitement of 9 exciting courses guaranteed to fulfill your adventure craving.

Mountain Ridge Adventure also allows you to wxperience the thrill of flying on a 10 zipline canopy tour over a 500’ gorge! Are you feeling brave!?

Get ready to climb new heights in New York!

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Passes $50 to $60



Passes $40 to $55 (minimum 6 years)



Season passes offer great discounts!


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Participants must weigh between 50 lbs and 275 lbs.

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Appropriate attire and footwear is required. Although shorts are allowed, they have found that long pants can be more comfortable when performing crossings that may have to utilize wrapping your leg around an element for support. This is an outdoor adventure associated with trees; clothes may become dirty!

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Beverages and light snacks are available for purchase, so you won't go hungry!

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There is so much one can learn in the outdoors on a school field trip! At Mountain Ridge Adventure they have 2 training courses, 7 treetop aerial courses, including the ZiplinePark which has 10 ziplines over a 500’ gorge. In addition to the ropes course and ziplines they also have 50 acres to explore with all kinds of activities for a well-rounded field trip. Team building programs, eco trail, aquatic center and more will create a whole day of learning and fun. The best part of a field trip at Mountain Ridge Adventure is there will be no waiting around for the next activity! They pride themselves of having all the students engaged at all times with no down-time (except for lunch).

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Give them a call and ask them about accessibility if you have any questions!

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Book your time slot online when you purchase tickets. Typically 10am open.

Open year round

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