Adirondack Animal Land

Gloversville, NY

Where are we going?

Adirondack Animal Land
NY 12078

518 883 5748

What is there to do?

Adirondack Animal Land is a family owned and operated wildlife park designed to provide a home in all natural settings for over 500 animals. And it's HUGE!

Set across 80 acres, Adirondack Animal Land is actually the LARGEST zoo in upstate New York, and when you visit, you will certainly feel why! The zoo is home to creatures from all over the world. From those colorful birds, to camels, to deer, and even bear.

The park is the perfect place for kids to have those unforgettable animal encounters, and well as learn all about them, their habits and their habitats too. You might even see some cute babies being bottle reared! Have you ever seen an adorable bear cub? If not, that might change at this wildlife park!

One of the popular attractions within the park is the African Safari Ride. Here, you can ride on the wild side as you are taken across 25 acres of park that is just teeming with wildlife. You won't want to forget your camera on this trip!

You'll be surprised how close the animals get. Because they are roaming free, and don't have the barriers of zoos, sometimes they are curious and actually come over and say hello - right up close! 

Animal Land is dedicated to educating visitors as well as giving families an incredible day out with animals. Sure, kids can watch documentaries and learn about animals in school, but there really isn't anything quite like hugging a baby donkey, or standing next to a very tall giraffe for the first time. It really makes you appreciate just how wonderful animals are!

With free picnic grounds, plenty of places to eat, and even an 1800s Western Town (how amazing!), Adirondack Animal Land really is something special!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $16.75 + tax

Children: $13.75 + tax (1 to 12 years)

Free Under: 12 months.


Need a little extra help?

Please note that they have many black top pathways but not all areas of the zoo are handicapped accessible.


When can we go?

10am - 5pm regular hours. Occasionally 9:30am - 2pm.

May to September


Any top tips?

They only take cash, but there is an ATM on site.

I’m Hungry!

The Country Cafe has a delicious menu, or burgers, nuggets, hot dogs, and even nachos. They even have packed lunch options.

Healthy Eating

There are free picnic grounds, so why not bring your own food and enjoy it in nature! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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