Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Old Forge, NY

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Address: 3183 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, USA Number: 315-369-6145 Website Contact How do we get there?

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If you had to guess what the LARGEST water-theme park in New York state would be, what would you guess it was? Enchanted Forest Water Safari? If you guessed that - you'd be right!

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is a great destination for those families who can't decide if they like those splash-tastic water rides, or those fun amusement park rides that keep you nice and dry!

You won't ever run out of things to do, because there is something for everyone, and plenty of it! Let's start with the amusement rides shall we? There is a host of fun rides that give you that classic amusement park experience.

Test those driving skills and challenge each other to those classic bumper cars, but be careful because people will be trying to bump you too!

Kids love taking a ride through the Enchanted Forest on the Enchanted Forest Express (and fun fact - the only ride that has been in the park since 1956!), or the whole family can get a birds eye view of the park on that popular Ferris Wheel!

There are thrill rides (and gravity defying rides!) like the Scrambler and the Round-Up, and dizzying experiences like that Scrambler where you can be whipped around and around...and around!

If you fancy cooling off for a bit, those water rides are great fun! You can take to the tubes with the whole family on the Amazon, or make a splash at the bottom of the Black River slide - that takes you on a double tube all in the dark!

There are slides that will take you down over 30mph, and great river fun for those younger kids, as well as a fun tidal wave pool!

Don't forget that you're in the Enchanted Forest too, so there are magical attractions for all! There are museums, music, storybook experiences and real live animals in the barnyard.

We told you there was plenty to do for all! Enjoy!

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$29.95 (ages 3 to 11)



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2 years


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They allow re-entry, just make sure you head out through the gift store and get your hand stamped!

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Ahhh...the fresh aroma of popcorn, the sweet smell of cotton candy, the mouth watering scent of scrumptious funnel cakes. What could be better than going to an amusement park and trying all the fun foods there are to offer!? From pizza to chicken wings, salads to burgers, nachos, corn dogs, hot dogs, ice cream, Dippin' Dots and much more....our tummies are full just from writing all about them!

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Teachers corner


They have deeply discounted rates for groups! There are lunch options too, and hands-on learning fun so they can have that fun education out of the classroom

Can I get one of those?


Finding the perfect gift or souvenir is easier than ever. From Surf Shops to Adirondack Gifts and everything between, you will find what you are looking for at one of their gift shops or carts! There is everything--jewelry, clothing, footwear, swim wear, souvenirs, gifts, and anything that you may have forgotten at home!

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There is handicap parking available, and all of the restrooms are handicap accessible.

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Baby Facilities

Strollers are available for rent.

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9:30am/10am open. 4pm - 7pm close varying on the season

June to September

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