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Address: 3601 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA Number: (415) 528-4360 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

The Exploratorium is an experimental, hands-on museum designed to spark curiosity, regardless of your age or familiarity with science! This San Francisco favorite for kids is a museum where you don't just LOOK at the exhibits - you PLAY with them!

At the Exploratorium, there are hundreds of exhibits to touch, pick up, and tinker with, at your own pace. Your curiosity can be your compass to endless discoveries, where kids imaginations can run wild. Ever danced with your shadow, or levitated? You can at The Exploratorium! Have you ever wanted to touch a tornado, or mix colors and then break light apart? You can at The Exploratorium! Have you ever wanted to stop time, or catch a wae, or explode your mind? You guessed it - you can at The Exploratorium!

The Exploratorium has been giving kids and families fun things to do since 1969, and the museum features six indoor AND outdoor galleries, and well as hundreds of exhibits on display. 

There are survivial games to keep kids on their toes, as well as challenging tasks ready to be completed, and secrets of the workings body explained!

Kids can launch into a ring of fog, build circuits found in everyday objects, and even test their brains on how speaking vs thinking! Shadows, oceans, pendulums, lasers - The Exploratorium really does allow kids to think for themselves, uncover secrets of how things work, use their imaginations and experiment - hands on!

Also at The Exploratorium are community programs, plenty of activities, tools for educators and so much more

So are you ready to discover that science is so much fun, and museums aren't always filled with "do not touch" signs?

Get ready kids, The Exploratorium is waiting!

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$19.95 (Ages 4 to 12), $24.95 (Ages 13 to 17)



$24.95 for seniors, and teachers, those with disabilities


Free Under

3 years


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Any top tips?


They have age appropriate activities so whether you have teens or toddlers, check out the options so you make the most of your day!

I'm Hungry!


There's the Seaglass Restaurant for a casual waterside experience, and Seismic Joint Cafe for those casual take out treats!

Healthy Eating There are plenty of healthy options in the cafe and the restaurant for you to choose from!

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Where is it at?


There are numerous parking garages and lots near the Pier 15 campus. The museum partners with SP+ to offer a discount using the code 4302100 at these lots: Exploratorium Pier 15 Parking Lot and Pier 19½ Parking Lot.

Teachers corner


They do love having field trip groups at the museum, so just give them a call to talk about your needs and they can assist! They also have online activities that will help you bring The Exploratorium to your own school!

Can I get one of those?


The Exploratorium Store features unique gadgets, games, tinkering items, and books that focus on science, art, and technology. You’ll find a wide variety for both kids and adults, plus unusual San Francisco souvenirs. They also sell Exploratorium clothing and gift items that are made by local San Francisco artisans as well as items designed in-house!

Need a little extra help?


The museum offers a reduced admission rate for people with disabilities. If you have a disability and need assistance or have any questions, give them a call ahead of time. All exhibition spaces, the Exploratorium stores, dining areas, and all public restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Service animals are welcome inside the Exploratorium

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Baby Facilities

Strollers are welcome in the galleries. Loaners are available at the Information Desk (first come, first served). Comfy seating for rests and breastfeeding are scattered throughout the museum. All restrooms have diaper-changing tables or counters (with the exception of the single-occupancy restroom next to Seaglass Restaurant)

When can we go?

10am - 5pm Wed to Sat / 6pm - 10pm Thursdays for over 18s only. 12pm - 5pm Sunday. (10am - 12pm Sunday members only)

Closed Monday and Tuesday

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