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    What a fun way to spend a Thursday evening: Adults only night to run around the exploratorium and explore. Loved all of different interactive exhibits. Tickets for the Tactile Dome is an extra $10 but totally worth it – its definitely an experience and not for ones that are afraid of the dark and/or claustrophobic. You can get through the course in 10-15 minutes. Would also recommend going through the course with a group of 4-5 friends. There is mesh netting to crawl through and slides to go down.. at the very end there’s a bean pit for you to land in. Go in with an open mind and just have fun! Adult only nights also mean that alcohol is served, which is always a plus 😉

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    The Exploratorium was the highlight of a recent San Francisco. Another reviewer mentioned the Tactile Dome costing $10, but I was there last week, and the price listed was $15 per adult. Maybe there’s been a recent increase? I very much appreciated the presence of lockers (only 50 cents to rent one all day), not having to schlep my stuff between exhibits made things a whole lot easier. You can come in and out throughout the day (just be sure to have your hand stamped), and it seems like a lot of the class field trips tend to pack up and go in the early afternoon hours.

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    The Exploratorium in its new location is great, for people of all ages. I’ve been to the new location for the “after dark” 21+ events (which I strongly recommend, despite the crowds), and certainly was not disappointed. I saw all my favorites experiments as well as new ones, and the new location is really huge and very well laid out. If you like science (and even if you don’t) it’s worth a trip since the place is so fun to see. It’s all hands-on which is something I really like, but contrary to little kids, I also like to read the labels/signs to know what physical phenomenon I’m looking at instead of blindly pushing a button…

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    I want to say it’s the most amazing museum I have ever been to but, it’s more than that. I wouldn’t even call it a science museum at all. It’s more of an experience based on physics and such. This is a hands on experience that can consume your entire day easily. I have been multiple times and on each visit there are new exhibits that have swapped out others. The new location on the pier is beautiful and the staff are wonderful. Just go and become a kid again. It’s a full blown tinkering overload. If you love to push buttons to see what they will do, roll, bounce and swing stuff then this is where you belong. Some things to know before you go. If you want to experience the Tactile Dome, be sure to get tickets when you purchase your main tickets. Also, they have a huge “spyrograph” swinging table and you can have one made but, you have to get your name on the list. Do that early if you want one to take home.

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    I decided to check out the Exploritorium during free Mother’s day admission. As a grown adult with no child supervision, I thought I would stroll around just to know if this was a worthy place to recommend to visiting guests with kids. In a matter of seconds I was sucked into all of the amazing science experiments, hands on gadgets, interactive experiences and fun facts. It’s got something for every age group and you could get lost in the magic of it all for days. I feel like I left having a great time, learning a lot and seeing some really interesting stuff that made me go ‘huh’. I really recommend checking it out!