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About The San Francisco Dungeon

It's story time!  But this time, it's not your average story...oh no.  You won't be tucked up in your comfortable bed to hear these stories, nor will you be sitting with your friends in your nice bright classroom.  Not at the San Francisco Dungeon!

No, these stories will be told to you underneath the streets of San Francisco...where you will learn about 200 years of fascinating San Francisco history with those who lived through it (well, kind of - they are played brilliantly through 9 live actor shows)

Immerse yourself in the 360 sets, where you will feel like you have actually time travelled back to a time where things weren't so pleasant!  A time where kids like you didn't have Facebook and computers!  (Scary!)

Over 60 minutes you will descend into lives and legends of the past (the exciting bits of it anyway!) where you will come face to face with people like the sinister Miss Piggott, the Wild West saloon owner!  Or perhaps you want to say hello to the infamous crimper, Shanghai Kelly!

The experience is completely themed, with total authenticity and theatrical storytelling.  You'll pass through the Lost Mines of Sutter's Creek, where gold was first discovered, and even visit Alcatraz, where they held the most heinous of criminals!

Perhaps you might get tried in the court?  Perhaps you might not get a fair trial....!  That is, if you're not struck down by the plague!

Ideally for those 10 and older, due to the scaaaaaary nature of some of the stories, (and the dark boat ride!), the Dungeon will give you a glimpse into the past....where no-one will hear you scream!  (well, except the kids around you, and maybe your family, but they might all be screaming too!)

Mwah ha ha ha ha! History has never been so real!  

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Adults $26 on the day. $22 online (ages 13 and up)

Children $20 on the day. $16 online. (Aged 4 - 12)

Last Update 2022

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The San Francisco Dungeon FAQ’s

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at The San Francisco Dungeon?

There are so many tasty places to eat in San Francisco that you will be spoilt for choice! But word of advice...perhaps eat after your journey into the depths of history!

Any top tips when visiting?

All personal items have to be taken with you (they might not want to miss out!) so just be aware there are two flights of stairs and strollers will need to be carried up.

Is The San Francisco Dungeon fully accessible?

They welcome all guests with disabilities, as well as any carers and helpers. Wheelchair users can navigate their way around the Dungeon using level pathways, however it's worth noting that some of the floor surfaces are uneven due to the attractions.

Access can also be gained via low gradient slopes, a wheelchair lift and a stair climber. They can only accept one wheelchair per tour, due to safety reasons. They are unfortunately unable to allow electronic wheelchairs. If you have any concerns, best ring ahead and have a chat to them. They will be happy to help!

The Shanghai Kelly ride unfortunately is not accessible for wheelchairs.

Any additonal information?

You may get wet! We won't tell you where or how....that's the surprise!