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Museums in Los Angeles, CA

There is SO much to learn in Los Angeles, and thanks to the host of incredible, fascinating and diverse museums across the city, kids can really spend their family days out doing just that!

And you know what? They make learning FUN!

Kids can have the music in them at The Grammy Museum, where they delve into the history of music, or they can explore the depths of the universe at the Griffith Observatory, where the stars and sun and planets seem just within reach!

Science comes to life for kids in attractions such as the California Science Center, or they can come face to face with the wonders of the natural world at the Natural History Museum - and yes, there are dinosaurs!

From Hollywood memorabilia, to automotives, to the Guinness World Records, to the weird, the wonderful, art, trains, and everything in between, Los Angeles is a treasure trove of museums that won't disappoint!

Los Angeles Attractions Map

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