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Address: 9090 Destiny USA Dr, Syracuse, NY 13290, USA Number: 315 466-7700 Website Contact How do we get there?

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An amusement park built specifically for kids to learn? Welcome to WonderWorks...that's EXACTLY why they were created!

WonderWorks is 40,000 square feet of "amusement park for the mind", with over 100 "edu-tainment" exhibits - clever huh!?

All of the attractions combine education and entertainment, so kids can develop their minds and spark their imaginations.

Kids - are you ready to hear something VERY cool? Well, word on the street is that WonderWorks was once a top-secret laboratory in the Bermuda Triangle. An experiment went wrong, and everything landed upsidedown in Syracuse!

Luckily for you, everything was miraciulously left intact, and now ready for you to explore and learn!

WonderWorks has six magical wonder zones just FILLED with family fun - are you ready to explore?

Kids can learn all about Natural Disasters as they become a human lightning rod while the Tesla Coil email 100,00 volts of electricity! They can also see how a category 1 hurricane would feel like...that's up to 71 mph!

Warp the mind with the Far Out Gallery, with several pieces of illusion artwork covering the walls! Some paintings even have hidden objects in them! Can you figure out these riddles?

Families can discover all things space, or challenge themselves in the Physical Challenge Zone...can you handle it!

WonderWorks is an incredible place for the family, and one where kids can learn the same amount of fun they are having.

Enjoy - you will want to go back!  

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$25 General Admission



$25 General Admission



Online discounts and VIP combo tickets


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Make sure you allow a few hours to see and experience everything

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Teachers corner


They offer an active learning experience for K to 12th. With science, math, art and phys ed all being experienced, kids will keep learning out of the classroom

Can I get one of those?


Can you have a birthday party? Yes you can! Check out the packages they offer so you can celebrate in style!

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If you have special needs just give them a call and see how they can help!

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10am - 9pm Mon to Thurs / 10am - 10pm Fri & Sat / 10am - 8pm Sun

All year round

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