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Museums in Colorado

Colorado is an outdoor loving kids dream! It should be called The Adventure State. There are so many fun things to do in Colorado with kids that you will be stuck deciding what to do first! From a rich history to those famous snow capped mountains great for those snow sports, Colorado has plenty of kids fun. There are animal attractions, fascinating museums, transport attractions and of course, a whole great outdoors to be explored! Who's ready to go!

Kids, what do all the following have in common: Firefighters, a Titanic survivor, Buffalo Bill, carousels, a ghost town, science and archaeology?

They are all topics that kids can explore and learn about in Colorado's many museums across the state! Surprised? You shouldn't be, because this great state has a lot of offer, and a rich history just waiting to be explored!

Kids can be inspired by the brave men and women at the Denver Firefighters Museum, or explore the life of that famous Titanic survivor - Molly Brown. They can scale great heights to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, or see one of the best authentic carousels in the world at the Kit Carson Carousel Museum!

They can head back to the 1800s at the Ghost Town Museum, or see a real dinosaur tooth at Dinosaur Ridge!

Did we mention that kids have their very own museum at the Children's Museum of Denver, where science really IS fun? 

There is SO much to see and learn across this great state, you might just be surprised what you encounter and learn. Are you ready to take it on? Check out below!

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