Go Karts Go Nelson Bay

Bobs Farm, NSW

Where are we going?

Go Karts Go Nelson Bay
778 Marsh Rd
Bobs Farm NSW 2316

02 4981 9444

What is there to do?

Do you ever watch the F1 on television and think - I could do that? There is only one way to find out!

Go Karts Go Nelson Bay is the longest and fastest track in Port Stephens! Pretty awesome!

This is a chance to get behind the wheel of a super awesome kart, and take to the track like a pro! The track is 350m in length, and has a variety of fast and slow corners, fast straights and tricky turns. This way, it's perfect for every experience level. They will help you when you arrive go through the track and give you hints and tips about what to expect, and how to take corners.

Parents, don't you worry! Those little Lewis Hamilton's will be in safe hands because safety is their top priority. They have tyre walls around the entire track walls so they protect all riders from going off the track, or even cutting across the track. There are also traffic lights set up around the track to help everyone become away of any problems so they can prepare.

Then, you're off! Feel the speed, and the wind - how much fun is it!? The great thing is, is that you are competing against yourself. So you can keep trying to up your personal best with every lap.  At the end of your session you'll get a print out of all your lap times.  Also a great way to challenge your family and see who really is the fastest out of everyone!

The Senior Karts are capable of travelling up to 70km/h on the track, so it really is a proper F1 feeling!

For those smaller kids, they have their own Junior Karts which are special - some of the only double karts in the country that allows the passenger to actually take control and drive! Pretty cool huh!? 

Kids as young as 3 have taken to the track, so whatever age - on your marks, get set - GO!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $25 (1x 10 min session) plus $5 licence

Children: $25 (1x 10 min session)


When can we go?

9am to 5pm

Daily except Christmas Day


Any top tips?

Take note of the driving tips they will give you. They will let you know about corners and speeds, and the best way to approach the track.

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