Go Karts Go Broadmeadow

Broadmeadow, NSW

Where are we going?

Go Karts Go Broadmeadow
Griffiths Rd
Broadmeadow NSW 2292

02 49 529 129

What is there to do?

Vroom Vroom - get those engines ready...and GO KARTS...GO!

Go Karts Go is 700m of fun and sometimes challenging track of twists, turns, straights, and a great mixture of corners to really test out every driver - whether they are just beginning or a seasoned pro!

Want to hear something else cool? The track is the longest and fastest tracks in nSW! Pretty awesome!

Parents, we can hear your nerves, but the staff take safety very seriously. The track has tyre walls which protect kids from going off the track, or even cutting across the track. There are also traffic lights in places around the track which will help if there are any problems.

Kids will receive a print out of their best lap times, so it's a really good way for the family to challenge themselves, and try and beat their personal best! 

For those kids who are a little too young for the big kids track, they have Junior Karts which are special double karts where kids as young as 3 can join in! These are also one of the few double karts in the country that the passenger can have a go at steering!  Amazing!

And of course, if your child wants to celebrate their next birthday party racing around with all their friends, they can offer 2 x 10 minute rides as well as space for you to set up your party - BBQ facilities are there so why not have a Kart BBQ celebration! Sounds TOO fun! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: From $20 plus $5 licence

Children: From $20


When can we go?

Mon - Wed & Sun: 10am - 8pm / Thurs, Fr & Sat: 10am - 10pm


Any top tips?

Take your time on the first lap to get to know the corners, and make sure you check up on the best speeds to take corners before you attempt them!

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