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Things to do in Victoria with kids

Did you know there was a place in Australia with amazing history, fun water activities, unique wildlife and MANY family friendly attractions perfect for kids of all ages. There are great places for active kids, as well as amazing natural wonders. Ever tried driving along the Great Ocean Road? No time like the present! Snow fun, rock climbing, beach fun and ocean frolics, Victoria has so many places to go with kids! Are you ready for a family day out FILLED with kids fun!

Snow-capped mountains, sandy beaches, wildlife, water activities, history…no, we’re not describing the whole of Australia. That’s just Victoria!

The cultural centre of Melbourne is a colourful and electric family-friendly city. Melbourne Zoo, and Collingwood Children’s Farm where kids can take part in farm jobs are great places to go with kids who love animals. Melbourne Aquarium takes kids on a journey under the ocean, and Melbourne Planetarium will take you on a journey right up into the stars.

But don’t forget there is a whole state to explore! One filled with a ton of incredible family-friendly places to visit, and certainly great for those active kids!

Emerald Lake has fishing, paddle boats and model railways make for a fun family day out. Cliffhanger Climbing Gym which has the tallest indoor wall in the Southern Hemisphere (Rock Climbing is one thing Victoria is famous for!) and let’s not forget the SNOW fun with Winter Magic Ice Skating and Tobogganing!

They say Melbourne experiences four seasons across one day, but in Victoria your family can experience amazing places to visit across four seasons!


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Can't find your Attraction?

Add your attraction on Family Days Out now. It's free!

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